There are so many fun things to do in Ibiza. For those who are not familiar with Ibiza We have made a selection of clubs, beaches, restaurants etc. Did you come across something worth mentioning during your holiday? Please contact us and we will add it.



Ibiza may be the clubbing capital of the world but the food scene is fast becoming a reason to rival music for visiting our stunning island. World famous eateries are arriving every season and many independent operators have stepped up to the hot plate and delivered the most amazing dining experiences in recent years. Whether you are looking for a delicious meal in simple, authentic surroundings or whether you want to feel like a movie star, Ibiza is the place to come.


As a clubbing generation moves on but still wants to maintain its connection with the island that defined its adulthood, thoughts turn away from sweaty clubs and towards beach locations, cool parties, that finish not to late and eating out. It is the latter that has moved us to create this restaurant platform, an homage to the numerous food operators that have really accepted the challenge of catering to this generation and who have well and truly placed Ibiza on the food map. Over the course of the year we will be featuring some of the finest establishments on the island, giving you the chance to take notes and plan your next visit as we unearth some of the gems that has the islands mouths watering. We recommend>>



It's impossible to think about Ibiza without thinking about Ibiza clubs. Everyone know that Ibiza plays host to some of the best nightclubs and parties in the world and that's more relevant in 2015 than ever.


From the glamour of Pacha Ibiza to the thundering darkness of Space, Ibiza delivers again and again.

Check out our insider guides to the biggest and best clubs on the island.

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Ibiza is having 18 kilometres of natural sandy beaches, fringed by crystal clear waters, Ibiza offers a huge range of possibilities to cater for all types of preferences. On most of Ibiza beaches, there is the chance to do all kinds of water and outdoor sports. If you like to enjoy hill walking or rambling, the Ibizan coast is a paradisiacal place to discover on one of the Ibiamare charter yachts to spend time.


Moreover, many of these beaches are not only of great natural beauty but also have a historical worth in that there are many remains of past civilisations, old defence towers and other signs of our past history that are of great interest.

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There is something special about an outdoor party, add in a beach setting and the atmosphere takes yet another twist, inhibitions are left at the entrance and, with the stars as your lights, anything can happen. Ibiza has undergone a beach club revolution in recent years with some of the finest experiences in the world popping up all over the island. The opportunities are as varied as they are many, from the stretch of sand in Playa d'en Bossa likened to Miami's South Beach and home to Ushuaia, Sirocco, Nassau, Sands, La Plage, Coco Beach and the newly opened Santos to the more bohemian beach of Salinas, where you will find Malibu and Sa Trinxa, Ibiza has taken the party back outdoors and the army of clubbers that makes the pilgrimage each year is loving it!


There are also several stand alone beach clubs dotted around the island, including the likes of Blue Marlin in Cala Jondal, Amante overlooking Sol d'en Serra, Ocean Beach Ibiza in San Antonio, El Chiringuito on Es Cavallet and one of the most famous beach club brands of them all, Nikki Beach, is set to join the party, opening in Santa Eulalia. We recommend>>



There is no doubting that the biggest phenomenon to hit Ibiza in the few years has been the return of the outdoor party. Daytime is challenging night-time in vying for the affection of the seasoned Ibiza clubber and the newbies can't get enough of beach beats or the party by the pool. More and more exclusive beach clubs are popping up and some of the finest outdoor pools on the planet can be found on the island, making sure that partying while the sun is still up is the only way to spend those long, hot days.

It's not a new thing for Ibiza, the outdoor party has been a staple of the island for decades, it was only in its more recent history that some of the legendary venues were asked to put roofs on their terraces. The switch from night to day is the big development and it has really taken the island by storm. Ushuaia can claim to have played a role in the change, with its stunning stage overlooking Playa d'en Bossa Beach. On the other side of the island Ocean Beach has given the people of San Antonio a genuine beach club experience, with a stunning pool as the focal point.

Beach clubs are dotted all over the island, Salinas boasts a few, with Sa Trinxa and Jockey Club perhaps the best known and Cala Nova has Atzaro Beach and Cala Jondal has the island's most famous beach club, Blue Marlin Ibiza but Bossa Beach has to be considered the epicentre of the Ibiza beach club extravaganza, often being compared to Miami's South Beach. The long stretch of golden sand is home to the likes of Nassau, Sirocco, Ushuaia, Bora Bora, Coco Beach and the recently opened Jag. Whatever type of daytime experience that you are looking for, Ibiza is more than able to meet your expectations, whether it is the crazy beach party vibe of Bora Bora, the chilled, relaxed tranquility of Nassau, the affluent designer day out with Blue Marlin Ibiza, watching superstars on the iconic stage of Ushuaia or getting your groove on in Ocean Beach Ibiza's sexy pool, the party scene is evolving and beach wear is the new black!

After your beach attire has been sorted, your biggest decision will be when to book your beds. Short answer, as early as possible. These beach clubs are filling up as fast as the legendary venues that host the nocturnal activity. Blue Marlin Ibiza on a Sunday for example can be as tricky to secure a booking for as Guetta on a Thursday night in Pacha. That's how popular they are! To make sure you're holiday goes exactly as you planned, get your day time bookings made before you leave the house. Unlike your club tables, you can usually choose where you want your bed to be and enjoying a luxurious day at the beach or by one of the spectacular pools is made all the better knowing you got exactly what you wanted. More info>>


There is no doubt that Ibiza is most famous as being the clubbing capital of the world, the small Balearic island can rightfully claim a huge influence on the electronic dance scene, especially during the summer season where it becomes the focal point of the electronic dance world. It is, however an island just the same - 41km by 27km - you are never more than 20mins from a Marina, wherever you are. From Santa Eulalia in the North East to Marina's Botafoc and Nueve opposite Ibiza Town and San Antonio, boats play a huge part in island life.


From the daily fishing boats out catching the fresh fish that adorn the tables of the restaurants around the island to the charter boats that offer a unique experience for tourists and anyone that fancies getting out onto the open sea. No matter what kind of sailing experience you are looking to have, Ibiza offers it and, more often than not, with a little twist that makes it unique to our beautiful island.


Heading out of Santa Eulalia or Marina's Botafoc or Nueve, one of the most popular destinations when heading out of Ibiza on a boat is Formentera, the smaller of the two islands that, along with Ibiza makes up the Pitiusas islands. It's the perfect destination for a day trip, the journey over and back lets the captain engage the throttle and get up a head of steam, which makes for an exciting experience on the boat. Once there, Formentera offers a variety of fun activities, not least mooring alongside the super yachts of the rich and famous, footballers, racing drivers and Middle Eastern Sheiks are not uncommon off the coast of this stunning island.


The sea is a crystal clear blue / green colour making it perfect for those that want to explore the underwater world; you can swim or snorkel from the comfort of your boat. When you have worked up an appetite, head ashore as there are three amazing restaurants waiting for you, depending on your taste and budget. El Pirata is famous for its fish while El Tiburon has a more varied menu that includes meat and duck. The most famous of them all, however, is Juan y Andrea, an expensive option but a special meal that you are unlikely to forget. While on Formentera, check out the mud baths of Espalmador, nothing says I'm on holiday more than rolling about in mud! Hang about for the sunset, it is one of the most striking in the region and the perfect send off as you hop on board your boat and head home, having enjoyed one of the best days of your life, never mind your holiday!...More info>>


Ibiza has been occupied numerous times throughout its history, from the Phoenicians in 645BC to the Greeks, the Assyrians, the vandals, the Byzantine's and much more recently the clubbers from all over the world who flock to the island annually to satisfy their thirst for electronic music. It's fair to say that electronic dance music put the island on the map to the generation who occupy it for a few months every summer but that is slowly but surely changing.


Ibiza has become a haven for global foodies, the cuisine is becoming as famous as the music and the talented chef's who control their kitchens like the superstar DJ's who hold court from the DJ booth, are driving the food scene forward dramatically.

The last few years has seen Ibiza reach for and grasp a whole new level, more and more tourists are visiting the island and the island has responded, offering a wider selection of restaurants and food and drink experiences than ever before. Global restaurant brands mix effortlessly with single operators, all making a contribution to the wider Island tapestry. As you would imagine, for an island as creative as Ibiza, the people who have been inspired to make it more than a holiday destination are also bringing their individual thinking to the table, resulting in a string of new and exciting concepts within the food and drink arena.


The Ibiza Food and Drink platform not only highlights the unique restaurant experiences and services that are available on the island but also the people behind them. From the chefs going that extra mile in the kitchen on our behalf to the talented bakers and their unique take on cupcakes to the mixologists and their constant search for the perfect flavour combination. The food and drink scene in Ibiza is thriving and attracting many tourists to the island, we believe it is our duty to make sure we bring them to your attention...More info>>


After a winter away styling in Milan, Fashion Editor is back on white sands to keep you informed on Ibiza style. This season is even hotter for fashion, with full reports on her on-island shoots and shop style, Ibiza just got SERIOUS. Fashion Editor is back to bring you 'Your Style', with fashion show reports, island shop reports and up close interviews with designers. As a Stylist and Designer in Ibiza and Milan, forever inspired by the wealth of creativity this island has to offer Fashion Editor will be taking you on a journey of her fashion life.

With a selection of great markets on the island, selling everything from Artisan crafts to Indian silks you will be forever inspired on her journey through style. Fashion Editor will show you every aspect of fashion in Ibiza, whether you are a Vintage Queen, Boho Princess or an on trend trotting chica, she certainly has something for everyone. If it's a banging bolsa or a vintage vestido you require she promises to bring you the very best of all things IBIZA STYLE.

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