Here's were our specialism comes in: the purchase process


The services of VIMIOS is fully geared to protect you from mistakes, so you after the purchase are assured of carefree enjoyment. And the service is carried out so that the purchase gives you convenience and pleasure.


Our specialization is the purchase process. With our knowledge and experience we direct to you throughout the purchase process and change where necessary the appropriate experts. We can do this entirely independent because we get paid by anyone else (through commissions and / or bonuses) than by our clients.

The entire purchase process consists of four phases:


1. Search

This work carried out in addition to your own quest to find a suitable home that meets your wishes.

The activities consist of:

  • Collecting relevant data

  • Actively seek relationships through network and internet

  • Presenting offerings found

  • Arranging and coordinating tour round



























2. Suitability Analysis

This work is carried out for making the purchase decision. The results of this study provide an excellent basis for negotiations.


The activities consist of:

  • Investigations and monitoring required documents

  • Investigation and control of cadastral data (parcel boundaries, building)

  • Directing local third parties (such as architectural, abogado (lawyer), gestor and selling broker)

  • Detailed view of the house on site

  • Assess structural condition

  • Determine fair market value of the home

  • Calculate return on rent

  • Issuing warning function with regard to legal, structural and market-related issues

  • Clear written presentation of the results of the survey including advice on next steps


3. Negotiation

Whether you are a born negotiator, or not, with an independent real estate agent on your side you much stronger. The broker counterparty immediately notices that he has a professional partner faced. Take it from us: once such a negotiation is very different. Especially when it comes to the price.


This work is being performed for the purchase of the home. The preliminary suitability analysis can the best results be obtained from the negotiation.


The activities consist of:

  • Analyse vendor, current market situation and wishes of the client

  • Calculate bidding strategy

  • Conduct professional negotiations (on the price, delivery date, conditions, and other conditions)

  • Written confirmation of any Offer made

  • After each step, feedback and advice to the client

  • Supply the necessary data for the preparation of the deed

  • Quote from different clauses in the sales contract

  • Assess and correct concept deed


4. Handling

The buying process is almost complete. Parties involved started to effect the sale and delivery. Although it is easily imagined this stage, handling often causes stress and annoyance. When Ibiza Villas.International goes the saying "The sting is in the tail does not. With its tight direction VIMIOS ensures that all parties carry out the work in time for which they are engaged.


Operations are performed in the handling for a smooth and enjoyable settlement of the purchase and transfer of ownership.


The activities consist of:

  • Directing local third parties (lawyers, notaries, gestor)

  • Ensure that all agreements are properly included in the deed

  • Check and discuss deed (in collaboration with abogado)

  • Monitoring conditions subsequent periods

  • Monitoring and supervision process pay deposit

  • Ensure that all necessary formalities are requested Spanish

  • Check the memorandum of settlement

  • Keeping site inspection before the moment of delivery

  • Present at the notary at the time of transfer of ownership

  • Monitoring process enroll deed

  • Monitoring process pay Spanish taxes

  • Follow-up after the transfer of ownership





























Work by third parties

The process of buying property in Spain is apparently similar to the procurement process as for example in the Netherlands. However, there are crucial differences in functions (eg notaries) and legislation. To ensure that everything is proceeding according to our requirements, we always involve a local abogado (lawyer) in the buying process. A lawyer personally selected by us, who knows the local laws and regulations and having the right mindset.


The lawyer supports amongst others the following activities:

  • Research into debt and / or mortgages resting at home and / or land;

  • Verification that the correct (building) permits are available;

  • Legal (Spanish) translation or changes in the sales contract and deed;

  • Entries in the registers.


Fees and commission

Our fee is 3-4% precent lower on the selling price than every other agent on the Balearics.  Only fair. Take a clear quotation feel free to contact us.


In short

VIMIOS directs the entire purchase process. This means that:

  • The assurance that the house of your choice is the right one

  • The sale is closed at the lowest possible purchase price and under the best conditions

  • To all your questions about the property provides an answer

  • It saves time and money.

We are the experts, we do the search
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Monitoring, Handling, Agreements
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